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12-Step Guide to Whistleblowing


Whistleblower's Financial Planning Checklist



What is the history of the False Claims act?

What is a “Whistleblower?”

What should a Whistleblower do?

What does “qui tam” mean?

What is the process that a Whistleblower has to go through?

What should you do if you think False Claims Act fraud is happening at your worksite?

What’s the difference between the DOJ and a private attorney prosecuting a False Claims Act case?

What are the risks, liabilities and damages of False Claims Act violations?

Do False Claims Act cases get settled often, or do they go to trial?

Should the average medical provider be concerned about the False Claims Act?

Does the False Claims Act only apply to large provider organizations, or small providers also?

What does the Department of Justice look for in False Claims Act cases?

Are False Claims Act cases “criminal” (i.e., jail time), or “civil” (i.e., money fines only)?

What is a “kickback” under the False Claims Act?

How do people get in trouble under the False Claims Act by paying for referrals?

What is an example of an illegal medical referral?

What if I didn’t intend to violate the False Claims Act?  Can I still be penalized?

How does upcoding fit into the False Claims Act?

Are medical audits and auditors limited to what they can review?

How do I prepare for a medical industry audit?

How do I economically handle maintaining compliance under the False Claims Act?

What are some of the non-economic penalties and damages under the False Claims Act?

What is “self-disclosure” under the False Claims Act?

How do I best manage the revenue cycle in consideration of the False Claims Act?

What does the future hold for medical practices under the False Claims Act?

What types of medical providers get looked at under the False Claims Act?

Is the False Claims Act a Federal or State law?

What are some final points to consider about the False Claims Act?

TAXPAYERS AGAINST FRAUD: TAFNET – What Is The False Claims Act Video

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