Healthcare Law

Almost one out of every six dollars that changes hands in America is a dollar related to healthcare. For the foreseeable future, the intersection of healthcare and law in America will be one of the most contentious, interesting, argumentative and fascinating topics of discussion and heated debate.

The intersection of healthcare and law in America represents arguably the single subject that:

  • Is the most complex in our society today;
  • Is the most divisive in our society today;
  • Involves the futures of companies and individuals that have amassed amazing fortunes in the broad industry of “healthcare”;
  • Involves a potential threat to the continued amassing of these fortunes;
  • Involves enormous tax dollars and public policy decisions;
  • Involves the attempt to legislatively deal with what is a science that is practiced as an art;
  • Involves, literally, life and death decisions; and
  • Touches, or will touch, each and every person in America.

Healthcare Law Landscape

The size and complexity of the topic are unparalleled, and changes within the industry driven by law, technology, public policy, or economics, are watched carefully by the countless stakeholders.

While the landscape is shaped in part by federal law, state law also has a sizable hand in healthcare law. Certain aspects of insurance and medical licensure (doctors, hospitals, etc.) are controlled at the state level, and the task of harmonizing federal changes in law to state regulations is often filled with legal maneuvering, disputes, and political agendas.

Drug companies, one of the largest players in the healthcare arena, have a somewhat unique perspective in that their view is not limited to the United States and the individual States. In addition to this perspective, drug companies market their products globally, and well recognize that market in one country (e.g., the U.S.) may pay more for a drug than another country (e.g., Mexico) because, for example, the other country may have less regulation.

To see the entire American healthcare landscape in one view is almost impossible. It is an interconnected calculus of economic, legal, political and medical activities and special interests.


HealthCare Lawyers

There is not likely a single lawyer that deals with every aspect of Healthcare law; the topic is simply too complex. The value, therefore, in a healthcare lawyer is often their ability to know how one legal action may affect other areas of a healthcare operation, how it may be affected by State and/or Federal regulation and politics, and how to assess its economics.

With extensive experience in a variety of healthcare operations — from liability issues to start-up venture to ERISA matters to specialized areas such as Stark, Anti-Kickback and the False Claims Act — Allison Legal has comprehensively dealt with healthcare law and has acquired the knowledge and network of knowledge necessary to handle most healthcare legal matters, simple or complex.

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