Identity Theft and Fraudulent Claims on the Rise

Thousands of people are hoping to hear something from the Employment Development Department on why they’re getting unwanted letters from the EDD.

Jerry Raber says he is now up to 100 letters addressed to 12 different people but they are still showing up at his house.

Kelly Luscher told FOX26 she returned her fourth innocent letter from the EDD on Saturday.

“You can see it says not at this address,” says Luscher. “Return to sender and it’s an EDD letter addressed to someone at my address.”

Luscher says she was hit with identify theft back in 2010 when someone broke into her car.

She says to this day she is still working to get back $30,000 she lost and doesn’t want something like this to happen to someone with these letters.

“I have now gotten two people, two different people, both women, addressed to my house. Mind you, I am on unemployment myself due to COVID. The first one I was like, well maybe they entered the wrong street but then I got two more letters from the same woman. This is not a coincidence.”

The Employment Development Department of California is now warning people that identity theft and fraudulent unemployment insurance claims are on the rise.

A woman who lives in Chowchilla told Fox26 that she received 17 letters in two days, each with a different name but all with her address.

The EDD said in a Statement that Identity theft is a growing problem affecting millions of people and their livelihoods. If you think someone has filed an Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim in your name, report it. Visit to find out how you can report UI fraud to the EDD.

For people like Michael Weber, calling in can be more of a hassle.

“When you try and call unemployment, you hear all the nightmares the customer service is bad and you can’t get through to anybody,” says Weber. “I was going to start google who can I tell to look into this because it is odd that the two names are different.”

The EDD says the best way to report fraud is to submit a Fraud Reporting Form online. You can also fax 1-866-340-5484 or call the EDD Fraud Hotline at 1-800-229-6297 (for reporting fraud only).

When reporting fraud:

Provide all relevant information about the issue. Include your name and phone number if you don’t want to remain anonymous. You will not receive a call from the EDD unless more information is needed.

Mail any documents you believe are evidence of fraud to EDD PO Box 826880, MIC 43, Sacramento, CA 94280-0225.

If you need to provide more information after reporting fraud, contact the EDD again online, by phone, or by fax. Include the reference number provided when you first reported the issue.


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