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About Allison Legal Law Firm

The Allison Legal Law Firm: A distinguished brand of legal services based on seasoned business insight and experienced legal advocacy.

The Allison Legal Law Firm helps individuals and businesses in many arenas, and principally in the areas of: Whistleblowers; Wrongful Death; Government Fraud; Healthcare; Business Law; and Corporate Governance.

Experienced in federal, state and municipal courts, and federal and state agencies, Allison Legal recognizes every client’s issue is unique and deserves personal representation. Failure to appreciate the unique circumstances of each client is not only impersonal, but also risks compromising clients’ rights and positive, maximized outcomes.

When individuals or businesses seek legal services, the law has or will possibly affect them personally. From a client’s perspective, legal matters are not usually “routine.” While sometimes racing to get a legal matter completed may be strategically important, often, treating a legal issue as routine is an exercise that can sacrifice your rights and compromise the full value of what you’re entitled to.


If you are in search of a law firm that values clients, draws from decades of business experience and serves as a strong advocate on your behalf, then look to the law practice of Allison Legal.


Personal Representation

Allison Legal serves a diverse clientele in multiple practice areas. Working with a variety of individuals, families, companies and business professionals has given Allison Legal insight into a wide range of legal matters and the legal creativity needed to resolve legal issues in the client’s best interest.

Every Allison Legal client is treated with personal and confidential respect and can expect thorough, aggressive pursuit of their legal objectives.


Knowledge & Compassion

It takes more than knowledge of the law to help people; it takes compassion for the human side of legal matters, unwavering advocacy, an unflinching demeanor, and experience in handling complexities that often accompany legal procedures and transactions.

Legal issues can be emotionally demanding for clients, and Allison Legal understands the stress and anxiety associated with your matter; not only do we provide skilled legal advocacy, but we offer a supportive environment, responsive service, and a relationship built on facts, goals, and intelligent action.


Working For You; Working With You

Whether it is a straightforward or complex legal issue, Allison Legal encourages active client participation. To succeed in our legal system, a successful fight for your rights and legal objectives is a participation exercise between you and Allison Legal.


Whistleblower, False Claims Act, Government Fraud Law

Individuals who may have knowledge of government fraud, false claims, or other forms of False Claims Act violations and who may be qualified whistleblowers face unique and complex issues in handling these situations under the law.  Allison Legal has extensive experience in these areas in both Medicare/Medicaid and non-healthcare (e.g., GSA) industries. See the Whistleblower Education & FAQ video series and Checklists for an overview.

For professional, confidential and personalized legal service, please complete the case evaluation form, call or send an e-mail to

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