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Posted - Pain Doctor Headed to Prison for Fraud
Posted - Pain Doctor Arrested in Health Care Fraud Case
Posted - US Settles Russian Money Laundering Case
Posted - Owners of Ambulance Company Sentenced to Prison
Posted - Capital One Eyed in Anti-Money-Laundering Probe
Posted - Non-Profit CEO Sentenced for Funneling Millions in Grant Money to Private Companies
Posted - DOJ Used Data to Net $1B Healthcare Fraud Case
Posted - Couple Sentenced to Prison in $80M Medicaid Fraud Case
Posted - Twenty-Five Charged with Submitting False Claims for Medicare Part D
Posted - How Wide Does the Lottery Scam Go?
Posted - Prison Terms Don’t Change For Former Doctor and Wife
Posted - Home Health Owners Convicted in $33 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme
Posted - Farid Fata Gets 45 Years in Prison for Scamming Hundreds of Cancer Patients
Posted - Oklahoma Defendant Sentenced to Prison for Money Laundering
Posted - Oklahoma Business Owner to Serve Two Years in Federal Prison for Fraud
Posted - Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Health Care Clinic Charged with $3 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme
Posted - Two Arrested in Illegal Kickbacks Case Involving Clinical Laboratory Testing
Posted - Whistleblower Lawsuit: Riverside Hospital Ex-CEO and Others Convicted of $158M in Medicare Fraud
Posted - Bioscan Principal Pleads Guilty in Multi-Million Dollar Health Care Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme
Posted - Shell Company Operator Pleads Guilty in Multi-Million Dollar Health Care Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme
Posted - Behavioral Health and Counseling Services Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges
Posted - Doctor Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Accepting Bribes for Test Referrals to Clinical Laboratory
Posted - Local Doctor and Four Others Charged with Defrauding Medicare of Nearly $3 Million
Posted - Woman Who Orchestrated Health Care Fraud Scheme that Submitted Nearly $25 Million in Bogus Bills Sentenced to over 7 Years
Posted - Doctor and Owner of Two Medical Facilities Sentenced to 15 Months Imprisonment

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