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Posted - Owners Of Elizabethtown Hematology Oncology, PLC Agree To Pay Over $3.7 Million To Settle False Billings To Government Health Care Programs
Posted - Yellow Cab Facing Federal Probe Over Medicaid Contract
Posted - Kansas Home Health Worker’s Bills Claimed She Was Working Up To 39 Hours A Day
Posted - Georgia Joins Federal Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleging Medicaid Fraud
Posted - HEB Grocery Chain Settles Medicaid Fraud Case with State of Texas for $12M
Posted - Georgia Woman Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Medicaid Fraud
Posted - Senate Approves Bill Stiffening Medicaid Fraud Penalties
Posted - Tenet Faces Fraud Investigation Into Payments Made To Women’s Clinics
Posted - Indian-American Firm to pay $15M to Resolve Fraud Claims
Posted - Health Fraud Lawsuit Echoes ‘Wolf of Wall Street’
Posted - New York Radiology Practice Pays $15.5 Million To Settle Whistleblower Lawsuits
Posted - Government Intervenes in Lawsuit Against Tenet Healthcare Corp. and Georgia Hospital, Alleging Payment of Kickbacks
Posted - AIM Agrees To Pay $800K For Allegations Of Violating Billing Practices
Posted - Study Finds Increased Use Of Radiation Therapy When Doctors Use Their Own Machine
Posted - Spinal Fusions: Debate Over When Certain Surgeries Are Necessary
Posted - $20 to $1 Return On Investment in False Claims Act Medicare/Medicaid Recovery

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