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Posted - Healthcare Execs Charged Kickback Scheme
Posted - Orthopaedic Providers Settle Kickback Allegations
Posted - EMSA Settles Fraud Lawsuit in Oklahoma
Posted - Radiation Therapy Settles Whistleblower Kickback Allegations
Posted - Doctor Sentenced for Accepting Kickbacks
Posted - Med Device Co. Settles Whistleblower Suit Over Lavish Spending
Posted - Cardiology Group Settles Whistleblower Kickback Claims
Posted - Medicare Fraud Targeted $139.4M Via Kickbacks
Posted - Whistleblower Awarded $14.7M in Organ Center Probe
Posted - Doctor Sentenced to Prison for Healthcare Fraud
Posted - Psychiatrists and Marketer Charged for Kickback Scheme
Posted - Alleged Scheme to Make Millions Off First Border Wall
Posted - Mayor Indicted on Healthcare Fraud Charges
Posted - Former Linebacker on Trial for Healthcare Fraud
Posted - American Senior Communities CEO Pleads Guilty to Fraud
Posted - Pharma Company Pays $210M to Resolve Kickback Allegations
Posted - Physican Group Pays Resolves Whistleblower Kickback Claims
Posted - Drugmaker Paid Doctors to Promote its Pill
Posted - Whistleblower Alleges Eli Lilly Used Kickbacks to Increase Product Use
Posted - Guilty Plea in $63M Health Care Fraud Scheme
Posted - Doctor Blows Whistle on Medical Fraud
Posted - Mattress Firm’s Real Estate Fraud Lawsuit
Posted - Administrator Sentenced for Kickback Scheme
Posted - Man Admits to Committing $50 Million TRICARE Fraud
Posted - Oklahoma EMSA CEO Resigns Over Kickback Scheme
Posted - AmerisourceBergen Settle’s Kickback Case
Posted - Zetta Jet Says FBI Investigating Fraud Allegations
Posted - Medical Clinic Owner Sentenced for Health Fraud
Posted - Whistleblower Suit Settles Against Opioid Pharma
Posted - Assisted Living Facility Owners Sentenced for Kickbacks
Posted - Physician Sentenced to Prison for Accepting Kickbacks
Posted - Durable Medical Equipment Owner Sentenced in Fraud Scheme
Posted - CVS Pays $23M to Resolve Whistleblower Kickback Case
Posted - Medical Supply Employee Sentenced For Healthcare Fraud
Posted - Blood Testing Lab Settles Whistleblower Suit for Unnecessary Testing
Posted - Pharmacist Pleads Guilty to Healthcare Kickbacks
Posted - Physicians & Pharmacists Charged in $40M Kickback Scheme
Posted - Hospice Companies Pay $12.2 Million To Settle Whistleblower Suits
Posted - ManorCare Owner Accused of Hiding Medicare Kickback Allegations
Posted - Registered Nurse Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Medicare
Posted - 79-Year-Old Doctor Convicted for Role in $200M Fraud Scheme
Posted - Tenet Indictment Signals New Era of Healthcare Fraud Investigations
Posted - Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleges Millions in Ambulance Kickbacks
Posted - Tenet Healthcare Exec Charged for Role in $400M Fraud Scheme
Posted - Kickback Scheme Earns Hospital Administrators Decades Long Prison Sentences
Posted - Walgreens Settles Kickback Lawsuit for $50M
Posted - Feds Join Whistleblower in Suit Against ETMC in Kickback Scheme
Posted - Shire Pharmaceuticals Settles Whistleblower Lawsuits for $350M
Posted - Whistleblower Suit Settles Against Forest Laboratories for Kickbacks
Posted - FBI Makes Arrests in $633M Pharmacy Scheme
Posted - Doctor Involved in Physician-Owned Distributorship Pleads Guilty
Posted - Five Individuals Charged in Kickback Schemes Involving $600 Million in Fraudulent Claims
Posted - Home-Health Owners Indicted for Medicare Fraud
Posted - Ambulance Company Co-Owner Sentenced To Six Years For Fraud
Posted - Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Patient Safety Consultant
Posted - Ruling Paves Way for Increased ‘Upward Sentencing’ in Healthcare Fraud Cases
Posted - Final Healthcare Worker Sentenced in Nation’s Largest Mental Health Scam
Posted - Couple Sentenced to Pay $342,447 in Restitution for Participating in Health Care Kickback Scheme
Posted - Daiichi Sankyo Pays $39M to Settle Whistleblower Lawsuit for Kickback Charges
Posted - Daiichi Sankyo Inc. Agrees to Pay $39 Million to Settle Whistleblower Kickback Allegations
Posted - Whistleblower Lawsuit: President of Houston Hospital Convicted in $158 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme
Posted - Bioscan Principal Pleads Guilty in Multi-Million Dollar Health Care Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme
Posted - Department of Justice Settle False Claims With Vascular Solutions, Inc. for $520,000

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