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Posted - NASA Contractor Accused of Fraud Over Vehicle Fleet’s Tires
Posted - Whistleblower Case Settled with Covan World Wide Moving
Posted - Pharmacy Store Employee Sentenced To Prison For Scheme To Defraud Health Care Benefit Programs
Posted - Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Iron Mountain Reaches $44.5M Settlement
Posted - Nearly $5 Billion to be Returned to Taxpayers in Improperly Spent Federal Health Care Dollars
Posted - Brothers Convicted in Spoiled Spuds Case
Posted - Whistleblower Actions Reap More Penalties, Jail Time
Posted - Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Caremed Pharmaceutical Settled for $9.5M
Posted - Whistleblower Lawsuit: Medtronic Settles Kickback Allegations for $9.9 Million
Posted - Boeing Pays $23 Million to Settle Whistleblower Claims
Posted - Whistleblowers Gain Power in Government Anti-Fraud Efforts
Posted - Hospital Fined for Violating Civil Monetary Penalties Law
Posted - UCLA Fined $470,422.85 for Employing a Person on the Federal Exclusion Database List
Posted - Former Levy County Adult Family Care Home Owner Sentenced to Prison
Posted - Three Patient Recruiters Sentenced in $20 Million Fraud Scheme
Posted - Whistleblower Lawsuit – Hospital and Cardiologist Settle False Claims Act Case
Posted - Whistleblower Alleges MPRI Inc. Submitted False Labor Charges on Contract to Support Army in Afghanistan
Posted - DaVita Nearing $389M Settlement Agreement Over Dr. Kickbacks
Posted - Workplace Secrecy Agreements Appear to Violate Federal Whistleblower Laws
Posted - Two Sentenced For Their Roles in Large Scale Medicare Fraud Scheme Disclosed by Whistleblower
Posted - Oklahoma Western District Attorney Involved in Collecting Over $701M in FY 2013
Posted - Behavioral Health and Counseling Services Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges
Posted - Former Hospital Employee Pleads Guilty to Criminal HIPPA Charges
Posted - Corporate VP Pleads Guilty to Healthcare Fraud
Posted - Whistleblower Discloses Princeton Review for Fabricating Attendance Records
Posted - Justice Dept. Recovers $3.8B from Whistleblower Lawsuits in FY 2013
Posted - Psychiatrist Sentenced for Role in $258M Medicare Fraud Scheme
Posted - Contractor to pay $762K for Underpaying Workers
Posted - Whistleblower’s Lawsuit Alleged Transit Agency Violated Federal Contracting Rules
Posted - Pharmacy Store Employees Plead Guilty In Scheme To Defraud Health Care Benefit Programs
Posted - Pervasive Medicare Fraud Proves Hard to Stop
Posted - The Washington Post: A Medicare Scam That Just Kept Rolling
Posted - Whistleblower Exposed Cancer Center Fraud
Posted - Tax Preparer Sentenced for Government Healthcare Fraud
Posted - Former Head of Anti-Poverty Agency Charged with Bribery, Conspiracy
Posted - Home Health Operator Sentenced in Government Medicare & Medicaid Fraud Scheme
Posted - Dermatologist Charged with Government Health Care Fraud
Posted - Cardiology Practice Allegedly Violated False Claims Act and Stark Law
Posted - Taro Pharmaceuticals Found Guilty of Medicaid Fraud
Posted - Feds: Texas Responsible for Misspent Medicaid Dollars
Posted - McKesson to Pay $18 Million to Resolve Whistleblower False Claims Allegations
Posted - 41 States Including Oklahoma Reach $35 Million Agreement with Pharmaceutical Maker
Posted - Halifax Whistleblower Speaks for First Time Since Settlement

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