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Posted - Finance Director Guilty of Stealing from Hospital
Posted - Charter School Owner Accused of Fraud
Posted - Oklahomans Sentenced To Prison For Embezzling
Posted - Allina Health VP Charged with Theft
Posted - Hospital Finance Director Indicted for Embezzlement
Posted - Oklahoma Beef Council Sues Former Auditor
Posted - County Health Exec Charged with Bilking Organization
Posted - Nonprofit Exec Sentenced for Embezzlement
Posted - Oklahoma’s Tornado King Owner Faces Embezzlement Charges
Posted - Oklahoma AG Announces Plea in Embezzlement Case
Posted - Oklahoma Woman Sentenced for Embezzling
Posted - Former Hospital Director of Finance Charged With Embezzling
Posted - Oklahoma Senator Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement
Posted - Oklahoma Woman Steals from Welfare Plan
Posted - Oklahoma CASA Director Sentenced for Embezzlement
Posted - Former Diamond Chair Charged With Corporate Fraud
Posted - Bookkeeper for Oil Field Supplier Sentenced for Embezzling $7 Million
Posted - Oklahoma Director for Children’s Charity Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement
Posted - Man Serves Probation and Pays Restitution for Receiving Kickbacks
Posted - Comptroller Sentenced for Embezzlement and Signing a False Tax Return
Posted - Indictment Unsealed Charging Oklahoma Man for Embezzling from the Citizen Pottawatomie Nation
Posted - Oklahoma City Contractor Charged with Embezzlement
Posted - Oklahoma Office Manager Sentenced for Forgery and Signing a False Tax Return
Posted - Former Director of Yosemite National Park Child Care Center Charged with Embezzlement
Posted - Rapid City Man Charged With Theft From Indian Health Services

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