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Posted - Big Pharma Executive’s Trial Begins
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Posted - FDA Takes Bigger Role in Lowering Drug Prices
Posted - Express Scripts Sues Maker of Overdose Drug
Posted - Lawmakers Investigation $89,000 Muscular Dystrophy Drug
Posted - Big Pharma Enlists Leading Professors to Justify $1,000-Per-Day Drugs
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Posted - Is Trump the First Crack in the Drug Industry’s Right Flank?
Posted - Feds Probing Express Scripts’ Relationships with Drugmakers, Specialty Pharmacies
Posted - Senators Are Pushing for an Antitrust Probe of Mylan
Posted - Mylan’s EpiPen Pretax Profits 60% Higher Than Number Told to Congress
Posted - EpiPen CEO: Blame the ‘Broken’ System, Not Me
Posted - Drugmakers Raise Prices Despite Criticisms

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