Two former Florida State University employees are blowing the whistle, claiming illegal activity led them to lose their jobs.

David Edenfield and Johnathan Beal worked at Facilities Maintenance, better known as the Pipe Shop on campus.

According to the lawsuit, and it was known practice that employees would take scrap metal, but any employee who refused to take part in the theft or take a cut from sale of the materials would be retaliated against.

Edenfield and Beal were fired due to being “troublemakers” after an FSU inspector general investigation, but five others allegedly involved were given a choice to resign.

Now the two are suing the school for claims in excess of $15,000.

Florida State released a statement to us in regards to the lawsuit saying:

“The Florida Commission on Human Relations found in the university’s favor after an administrative investigation, and we expect that court proceedings would be consistent.”

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